Global Focus | Smart PV Power Plant Project Preludes the Opening of G20 Buenos Aires Summit


At the end of November, the 2018 G20 Leaders’ Summit will be held in Argentina. Recently, CCTV G20 Summit “Roads of Argentina” has been launched and focused on the signing agreements of Cauchari 300MW smart PV power plant project, which is witnessed by the heads of state of China and Argentina. It is the largest PV power plant in South America as well as the first large-scale PV power generation project in Argentina.

Located at 4,200 meters above sea level in Jujuy, Argentina, the 300MW smart PV power station is the highest-altitude PV power plant in Latin America. The plant is adopted Huawei Smart PV solutions entirely. The area of this site is equivalent to the half area of Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina.

The completion of the project will terminate the status of Jujuy’s purchase of electricity from other provinces, achieving self-sufficiency in electricity. Moreover, the project adopts Huawei Smart PV solutions and high-altitude construction experience, which will provide valuable experience for Argentina’s national energy development strategy. It is the first successful project in Argentina after the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by China, which will help promote long-term mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries.

Jujuy’s Governor Morale Morales said: “We look forward to further cooperation and maintain the ties between China and Argentina. For our province, it has opened up a direction for cooperation between the two countries.”

“There can be about 1,500 jobs created during the entire project construction process, and the job number is probably equivalent to the number of people in the local villages,” said Argentine engineer Gonny.

In the future, Cauchari people can be exposed to more electric light during the day. Local residents can use cheaper electricity thanks to the high ratio of performance to price. It is predicted that the on-grid price of the project will remain at 6 cents per kWh within 15 years, and the annual power generation revenue will reach 50 million US dollars.

The Cauchari PV project is a high quality model for China-Argentine power cooperation. Both sides will work together to ensure a successful implementation of the project.